One of a Kind Dolls

These dolls are unique in design or dress and may not necessarily be repeatable.  I have limited supply of some porcelain or vinyl body molds you’ll see here; and in some cases this is the only one I have left.

Everyday Dolls

These dolls I make all the time. Clothing or design my vary from pictures shown.  If you want specific colors, just let me know.


Maid Cinderella on one end; flip her and you get Ball Gown Cinderella on the other.

Dolls, Dolls, and more Dolls!

One-of-a-kind dolls and Everyday dolls.  I have dolls made of all cloth; all porcelain; and porcelain or vinyl heads, arms, and/or legs with cloth bodies.  Some bodies/heads may be the same design (mold), but each doll is put together by hand and dressed with a particular style of clothing.  While some clothing can be replicated, expect slight variations. If you want a doll from a particular era (say from the 13 colonies, or with a specific style of clothing) send me a picture and I’ll make it.  Dolls made to order will vary from what is shown here.


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Porcelain with Cloth Body

Little Red Riding Hood

on one end with Grandma underneath; but wait, flip Grandma’s kerchief and you find the Wolf waiting, too!

Fairy Tale “Flip” Dolls

All porcelain body with jointed arms and legs

Bride Dolls

Mary Thompson “My Baby” Dolls

Vinyl “My Baby” head from the Mary Thompson series with molded cloth bodies.  Can be done in a variety of styles

Goldie Locks and the Three Bears

(not pictured) Goldie on one end; flip her and you find Mama, Papa, and Baby Bear underneath

Porcelain with Cloth Body

Russian Ice Skater

French Didi

Porcelain with Cloth Body

30” to 36” Tall Dolls

Country Girl

All Porcelain body


Byron Molded Vinyl  with Cloth body and movable arms and legs


All Porcelain body

8” to 14” Tall Dolls

Raggedy Ann & Andy

Paper Boy

Vinyl with cloth body.  Velma Resch mold.


Vinyl head, arms and legs with cloth body. Clothing may vary, but have 2 left.

American Girls

Vinyl head, arms and legs with cloth body.

Milk Maiden

Porcelain with cloth body.

Goldie Locks

Porcelain with cloth body.

Fiddler Girl

Porcelain with cloth body.

Baby and Cradle

Pouting Child

Boy or Girl

Cloth body with  paper  towel ring to stiffen legs. Toddler cloths and shoes

30” All Cloth bodies

White or Black.  Clothing may vary.

Vinyl and cloth babies in swaddling clothes

With puzzle piece cradle

Rag Doll

All cloth body. Outfit will vary.

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